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You Can't Get Fresher Than Fruit & Veg To Your Door!

applesBy placing an order we can obtain the freshest vegetables possible. Some of our local produce may even have been picked or cut the day before it arrives in our shop. We do not vet the size or attractiveness of our veg. Does it really matter if a funny shaped parsnip has dirt on it? We believe we can beat the supermarkets with regard to freshness and on some of the prices too!

Veg box delivery services are provided locally.

NOW offering free delivery to Pluckley, Smarden, Bethersden, Biddenden and Egerton.

Delivery to other addresses may carry a delivery charge of at least £1.

Preferable delivery dates will be Monday and Fridays.

Discuss your needs with Helen.

Contact by email or telephone using the contact details on this website.


Create your own fruit and veg box. This should be the same order week on week but changes can be made subject to prior notice and at our discretion. Please request a form which will be emailed to you. Please contact us.

Our order forms are in the process of being updated. Please bear with us.

Delivery is at the sole discretion of Pluckley Farm Shop. Terms and conditions can be provided and are attached to our order forms.

Organics. Now there's a touchy subject! So few of our customers ask for organic food that it is not viable to use just organic food. As above, our priority is to use local fresh produce. Organic fruit and vegetables are expensive, travel to us from further afield, and as the prices are higher the produce does not sell well. It is as simple as that. However, we do have some local organic meats and drinks. Our fruit and veg sources change on a daily basis because small holders can't guarantee when they'll have something for us.

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