Proud to support local UK Farms

Sourcing straight from the producers is something we are very proud of. So many lovely cheeses from so many lovely businesses across the UK.

We stock a wide range of local cheeses including our best sellers from Kingcott Dairy

We have been customers of Steve at Street Farm, High Halden since we opened in 2010.

The Reynolds family are award winning dairy farmers and cheesemakers.

Their Kent blue cheeses are made on their own dairy farm in small batches using milk from their own lovely herd of cows.

photo of Kent blue cheese
Heard of cows/kent farm
cheese making process
cheese making process

Cheesemakers of Canterbury have a wide range of cheeses to their repertoire and have won many awards.

award winning cheese makers

Fantastic range of locally sourched cheeses

Stocks and product availbility may vary so please contact us if you wish to buy.

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