fresh, fruit and veg

Where do we start when talking of fruit and veg? We have so many suppliers I lose count every time I try to tot them up!  Here in the Garden of England we have perfect growing conditions for many, many varieties of produce.  For example, cauliflowers and brassicas from Thanet, potatoes from the Romney Marsh and in Pluckley we are surrounded by orchards. Our daily deliveries are from D Catt & Sons who collect from local farmers and also source from the London markets. 

Quality produce cut straight from the farm on the same day we sell it is what sets us apart and supporting local, supporting directly at source and supporting the local economy is at the heart of what we do’.

Helen Baird.

Even during Covid restrictions we had fresh fruit and veg everyday – for once the supermarkets couldn’t compete with the independent stores! David and his team provide amazing quality fruit and vegetables day after day.

Local farmers from whom we buy directly means we get sometimes 2 or more deliveries a day; N & S Oliver – strawberries and apples; Charles Highwood – cherries, apples, pears and plums; Arthur Housten – raspberries, gooseberries; Brogdale National Fruits a plethora of fruits; A E Wrout & Sons – potatoes; Tenterden Potato Shop – potatoes; Windybank – corn cob; Karoben Farm, and other hobby farmers provide a wide variety of summer veg.

Other products directly from the farmer are free range eggs from Throwley Forstal right down to Christmas trees straight from Hole Park, Rolvenden. 


We have a small range of ‘fruit and veg’ boxes for you to choose from or you can opt to create your own custom box by getting in contact with us. You can order via phone, text and collect or use our online shop for click and collect service.