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"Perfect Pluckley Pork" so someone told us!

"Our breeding Berkshire sow has provide us with litters of 13 piglets at a time. Sarah sow has become the family favourite and is totally spoilt. We even hand feed her! "

We had been disposing of our tired veg with a local farm for them to feed to their pigs. However, as we had paid for the vegetables it seemed obvious to get our own pigs. Recycling at its very best!

Our pigs are reared outdoors on grassland and are fed approximately 80% fruit and veg, in addition to organic and GM free pig nuts. No fertilisers or pesticides are used on the land and no steroids or antibiotics have been given to our animals. Knowing where your meat comes from should be of paramount importance to us all.

The project ticks all the boxes; naturally reared outdoor animals, recycling of our waste veg, traceability and low food miles.

My step-daughter, Amy, puts our success down to the fact "our pigs are happy pigs".

We are thrilled that our customers have been raving about the quality of our pork. Here's what they have been saying:

"Your pork melted in the mouth. Very tender and an amazing flavour. I've placed my next order already!" Celine

"We had your pork yesterday and it was absolutely delicious. Please put me down for another joint". Alison

"The ribs from your locally reared pigs were wonderful". Martin

"Beautifully succulent pork and excellent fat for crackling – why do butchers always trim the fat?". Pauline

"Pork is not usually a favourite of mine but this pork is lovely. I even ate the fat!". Fran

"Our own reared pork is available approximately once a month. There is a waiting list at times so a pre-order is recommended. A freezer stock is always available. Our special recipe sausages have become quite famous locally. We can supply gammon and cured ham. A stuffed and rolled pork loin (similar to the Italian porchetta – ready cooked for slicing) is available to order."

"Our pigs are happy pigs" Amy & Euan

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