The NFU’s 2021 Farming Champion of the Year

The NFU’s 2021 Farming Champion of the Year went to Jeremy Clarkson, broadcaster of Top Gear fame – amongst others. Well, who’d of thought it!

I confess I had not seen the show until a couple of weeks ago when I was surprised to learn that the NFU were avid fans. I hadassumed that the hype was probably a load of rubbish.How wrongcould I be! It is brilliant and very funny too. The UK farming world has been crying out for someone to showcase the realities of farming.  He also had started his ‘Diddly Squat’ farm shop during the series. I was hooked.

Although he owned a farm he was embarrassed to say he knew very little of what happened there on a day to day basis.  Through his journey he brought an understanding of the many issues faced by farmers to the British public – from the serious impacts of our weather, to profit margins to diversification.

The programme resonated with me for a couple of reasons;even though I have been rearing pigs for 10 years, I still have very basic knowledge of our farm and land management, Also, I too found starting a farm shop from scratch a huge struggle.  It was no good to have the attitude “build it, and they shall come”. At the Didley Squat farm shop they initially just had sacks of potatoes to offer and they stood watching the traffic pass by and no one stopping. I too couldn’t believe the amount of stock I needed just to fill my little shop and the opening was, quite frankly, terrifying and embarrassing. Not to mention my sympathy with him dealing with the Planning Authorities!

If you haven’t watched it – you must!  Although, if you are a farmer you probably don’t have time.


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