We are Famous

We’ve featured on TV! Read on for more…

BBC film crew photo
women and a girl wearing red jackets with black pigs

The farm (or rather the pigs) has been the location for filming. Most notably for CBeebies ‘Fern and Rory’s Vet Tales’. My niece, Tegan, spent two happy days with Fern at the farm. I however, spent my time on my hands and knees (out of shot from the cameras) trying to keep free ranging pigs still for tummy tickles! Helen.

The film crew for Escape to the Country spent two days filming at the shop and out on the farms. We had a great time but it was tiring!

For a few years we have collaborated with MoonPig.com gifts.

As Pluckley IS the most haunted village in England MoonPig create their own spooky gin sourced with apples from our haunted village orchards.

Helen Holding the Spooky Gin

The shop, the farm and the pigs have also featured in:

black pig looking up

A short film for the Edinburgh Festival (the pigs!)

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